About us

About Moon´s Touch
I like to observe... To look at a flower and feel its perfume, to touch and admire a beautiful piece of jewelry, to enjoy an interior design magazine and dream about its creations, to walk through old streets and admire the architecture of the old houses; the details of the balconies, the flowers on the windows... I like to stop the car, open its window and gaze at the enveloping landscape. I like to watch a butterfly dancing around a flower, the autumn leaves falling on the ground... I find beauty and excitement in the most common things and aspects of life. I would like to share with you this vision of Light and Positivity that fills my days! Hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I loved creating them :)

Production Methods

All pieces are unique and inspired in Nature. The sea, the forests, the mountains, snow, rivers, flowers, even space itself inspires me to create each piece! I use semi-precious stones designed by Mother Nature and found in beautiful caves, near powerful volcanos and on paradisiac beaches. Polymer clay and other high quality materials are also used to handcraft these magical works. Each design is fully handmade with care and love. The intention is to make the wearer as happy as I was during the creation process of the jewelry piece.